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What our clients say. . .

“Louisiana will test any roofing material about as severely as it can be tested. Typical shingle roofs don’t even last their warranty period here. More and more, the fact that a metal roof system will pretty much last a lifetime, justifies the cost. Because of the lightweight material, and the maintenance-free aspect of the roofing, Medlin's Metal Roofing is the clear choice to me.”
— Brian Mangrum
“Even though we were price conscious, we didn’t want to end up with a cheap roof that wasn’t going to last. We looked at cheaper roofs, asphalt was one that we looked at. But as far as enhancing the property, no way. After we saw the pros and cons of all the different products available, the metal roof was an easy decision to make. We are really happy that we made a decision that pleased everyone. This is one where we haven’t had even one complaint.” — Chrissy Cuffman
The whole team that came out to my house was awesome! Now I don't just toss around a word like awesome, so you know when I use it it means something. Roofers? These guys are musicians, all in perfect harmony. I like to think the elves in Santa's Workshop would have a hard time to be as clean and efficient as these guys. — Diane Burdick
“Beyond the practicality of the is the aesthetic advantage. It gives us a beautiful roof, we have a wide selection of colors. — Foster Langenheim
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