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How To Choose Metal Roofing Colors For A Home

Thursday, August 15, 2013

When the time comes to choose a new roof for a home, many homeowners want something that will be effective but that will also look nice. The aesthetic component is so important to some people that they shy away from metal roofs because they believe they will look plain and dull. In fact, there are many metal roofing colors available and the only challenge is finding the right one for a particular house.

If a homeowner is interested in metal roofing colors for their new roof, they will be pleased to know that there are many options available to them. Roofing materials come in shades of red, blue and green, so there is something out there to suit any personal taste. There are also many beautiful neutral shades available for those who want to create a more understated look.

When narrowing down the choices for metal roofing colors, take the rest of the exterior of the home into careful consideration. It is easy to fall in love with a beautiful green roof, but it may not look great with the blue siding and shutters on the house. Unless a homeowner is willing to take on the project of painting siding and shutters, they will want to choose a roof that compliments the color scheme they already have in place.

It is also important to keep in mind that a color looks different when it is spread over an entire roof than it does on a color swatch card. Shoppers should try to envision the impact of the color when it covers the top of their house rather than just choosing something they like the best. One color may look beautiful on the swatch card but may be overwhelming when it is completely installed.

To help get a visual of how the roof will look when it is complete, try to find an online simulator. There are some retailers who make it easy for customers to see a picture of a house and change the roof color to get an idea of what it would look like. Although it is not the customer’s own house, it gives them an idea of what the color looks like on an entire roof rather than just on a small card.

When choosing colors. Shoppers should consider whether or not they expect to be selling their house in the near future. Although one homeowner may love the idea of a purple roof, it may be the kind of thing that would turn off a potential buyer. Those who plan on eventually selling the home may want to go with a more neutral color that will make their home more universally appealing.

Metal roofing colors are a great way to make a home look beautiful while still enjoying all of the benefits of a metal roof. However, choosing just the right shade can be a challenge and no homeowner should rush into the decision. Remember, a color will look different over a wide area and that it is important to choose something

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